Nintendo Wii

piracy on the PCIt is well known that the majority of gaming consoles, and printers, are often sold below cost, making up for the losses by selling games or consumables. Why do you think the producers of printers recommend to buy only original cartridges that are several times more expensive than aftermarket? With games the situation on the market is the same. Previously, many publishers hit for those times of games, for some reason barely made the ends meet, and sometimes they were bankrupt. Now this happens much less often, even with those who issue “passable” games that can’t attract any graphics nor the gameplay that much more important. And all because the number of consumers of video games has increased dramatically compared to those observed ten years ago. Yes, earlier games were written mainly under the PC, but time passes and things change. The sales for the game publishers doing mostly it is a game console, and the PC was relegated to second place, despite the fact that the computers in the world much more than gaming consoles. Continue reading

A brief history one ConsoleSpeaking of game consoles, not to mention about a real Masterpiece, which was, is and remains the legendary PlayStation 2. And let this device is hopelessly outdated, it still deserves attention.

PlayStation 2 has produced a real revolution in the world of gaming consoles, becoming a true legend. The device sold millions of units worldwide and still continues to be sold, making successful competition of her older sister – PS3.

A brief history of the Sony PlayStation2 Continue reading

So whether harmful video games, as they are presented to us?For anybody not a secret that in recent years the topic about the negative effects of video games on the human psyche has become very popular. But, needless to go on about the mass media, which mainly aim to increase circulation, or to raise the rating?..

What is “game”? Someone may answer, without hesitation, the words of Shakespeare, what our life is, in fact, is a game. When viewed collectively, maybe classic was and rights. Well, if some change this question, taking into account the walking strides of technological progress, and to try to answer the question “what in your understanding is a video game?”, it is possible, surprisingly, despite, apparently, several different meanings that carry different connotations, to get the same answer. And I must say, in this case it will be even more appropriate. Continue reading

Xbox360On the second place console by Microsoft, Xbox360. Although many criticized it for the quality (and maybe it’s just a habit – blame Microsoft), it confidently takes its place and developers are also willing to write under her game, especially because it is made on the same processor architecture as the Wii, namely the IBM Power PC. However, the Xbox 360 has three cores and a frequency of 3.2 GHz. But these are details.

And oddly enough, in last place is the console that has the best technical characteristics. It is in the Sony PlayStation 3 uses a unique 9-core Cell processor with a frequency of 3.2 GHz, which at the time was overtaken by performance processors personal computers about 10 times. But it is here and the dog rummaged. Game developers in one voice say about the complexity of programming and porting games to PS3. In addition, the game console Sony has the highest price among its competitors and, as a consequence, the turnover is very low. Because of this, Valve already announced that is not going to continue to develop games for this platform. In addition to the complexity of programming refers to the high license fees and low demand. About the high price of PS3 blamed everything from simple users to heads of Square Enix, Yoichi WADA (Yoichi Wada). Let me remind you that this company gave the world Final Fantasy. But for a long time Sony diligently did not pay attention to these comments. Continue reading