Sony PlayStation 3To date, the Sony PlayStation 3 has the best technical characteristics in the world of gaming consoles. However, how feasible is it buy?


The design of this device cannot be called outstanding. But nevertheless – it’s the only console that will look good next to a modern HD TV, what can be said about competitive devices. Worldwide consoles sold in black glossy design. In the Country of the rising sun and available in milky white color. However, to discuss the appearance is a thankless task, because there will always be people whom he will love, or Vice versa will not produce any impression. So this question is purely personal.


IBM’s Cell
Sony puts emphasis on the fact that the heart console is devotedly the Cell microprocessor, hitherto used only in the creation of powerful computing systems. But is it good for home video game consoles? Actually, the Cell is not quite devotedly, it can be described as follows – one Central core, surrounded by eight small nuclei, which take arithmetic operations. For complex calculations this is great, but programming for such architectures is a complex matter. Thus, the development of games for PlayStation 3 – very tiring (and expensive) that may discourage other developers and console to deprive many potential masterpieces. But on the other hand, it can be assumed that the developer will undertake the creation of the game only if he is sure that she is really good with popularity. And it promises the emergence of only quality games.

The console comes with an optical drive capable of working with new-fangled Blu-Ray. And therefore, You do not need to buy additional expensive external drive. As for support now so popular DivX format, it appeared in the PS3 only relatively recently – which is rather strange, because its creators had originally said the advanced capabilities of the console as a media center.

And with backward compatibility Sony went wrong. Initially it was stated that all games created for the PlayStation 2 will work on the PS3. However, this did not happen. Initially the company promised to correct this unfortunate misunderstanding, releasing special patches. But it didn’t work out. In the end, it was stated that the work in this direction is generally terminated, and no backward compatibility. Want to play old games? Buy a PS2, it’s outrageously cheap.

Since its inception, PlayStation 3 delighted the consumers are not only huge opportunities but also enormous costs. And this despite the fact that the company is selling the console at a loss, in order to capture as much of the market. The reason for such a high cost – very expensive components, especially everything related with Blu-Ray. However, this problem is solved and the console price is continuously falling. Though expect it will be compared to the cost of other consoles. Equipment also leaves much to be desired. So the HDMI cable could and put.

But the cooling system of the device did not disappoint – she is very quiet and does not annoy dull hum, as in the case of the Xbox 360. The life of the console is still the Nintendo Wii, but considering its capabilities, surprise, this fact does not cause.