ASUS EeePC DesktopThere are, of course, the consoles and a minus – expensive games. But it is not all that scary. Games you can easily change. This is not the way to change games on the computer when the game of two years ago turns out no one needs because of outdated graphics. On consoles the graphics will remain at the same level, because the filling she will not change and, therefore, all games will be approximately equal by this measure, and then it depends on the fact that you played the game or have not played. At least mainly, the problems people have with this issue.

You can certainly try to make the console understand the pirated discs, which, of course, much cheaper license, but I would not advise, because in this case you not only lose the warranty, but also lose access to fresh updates and Internet services, which is very, very popular. Think whether you need all this?

ASUS EeePC Desktop
There is another plus consoles have – it isn’t necessary to wrestle with the configuration of the system. If your computer starts to fail, not the fact that the computer itself is faulty, it is likely that the cause is some software incompatibility, system errors, outdated drivers on everything. In the end, the same viruses. On consoles it’s not. The only thing you can be sometimes you need to do is update the firmware of the console through the Internet, but this it will do by itself.

If you have played RPG games, then you will understand the analogy that I now lead. In these games very, very difficult to create a universal character that could have all the skills. If you will develop it in proportion, by the end of the game you get some pipsqueak who seems to be able to do everything, but nothing can do really. You should choose any one specialization. If you are a fighter, we forget the magic and put into the possession of the weapon, and if a magician, then don’t waste energy on the development of fighting skills, then only good will come. Similarly, in this case. It seems that the share market started on computers and consoles. Consoles is for games, computers are for work and not particularly demanding entertainment. By the way, this can easily be seen even in the produced games. If earlier games were made for computers, and now increasingly, game developers began to focus on consoles, not paying attention to the PC.

So if you are thinking about purchasing a computer, describe the tasks for which it will be used and then make a choice. Good luck!