Nintendo Wii: the Amazing nextIt has a strange name – Wii. The fact that Nintendo decided to call the new console the English word “We” (We). And to the representatives of different nationalities read and pronounced correctly was invented, this is the double “i”.


This article has not been created to describe the technical characteristics of the game console Nintendo Wii. About them You can read here. I did not put myself and the purpose of the overview of the console – and it was all and Sundry, and to find that information, suffice it to give the correct query in the Internet. The purpose of this article was to describe everything that makes the Wii one of the best consoles today. Yes, that’s one of the best, despite the fact that the technical capabilities it does not possess. For example, it lacks an HDMI port. Moreover – on the Wii it is impossible to even listen to the audio CD or view a DVD. Only games, nothing but games. It would seem, a mere anachronism, especially against the backdrop of the impressive capabilities of Sony Play Station 3. However Wii is not only successful, but also a leader. The reasons for this and I want to reveal. Continue reading

pirateOne independent game developer cliff Harris (Cliff Harris) decided once and for all for yourself to find out why the pirates hacked his game. For this purpose he wrote about it in his blog, and sent many letters directly to the pirates.

Harris was interested in the reasons why pirates do it and, what can the developers do that wouldn’t have happened. Moreover, he promised anonymity to all respondents and the non-proliferation of private information about those who told him to write. Although, despite the fact that in the West there is a law against piracy, personally, I don’t recall that anyone on it is there condemned. But the fact that very often pirates would hire the companies whose products they are hacked – it was repeatedly. But back to the topic… Continue reading

Sony_PS3Imagine this: a darkened room, PlayStation 3, together with plasma panel of 42 inches, the sound is 5.1… Maximum delight from the game provided to You. So if there is a sufficient amount of money, buy a PS3 – you will not regret! Especially that its cost is constantly decreasing, and the possibilities grow. And the number of games increases all the time. But I must stress that there is no sense to buy this miracle of technology and use it with outdated CRT TV, even with the big diagonal.

Play Station 3 and Folding@home:

Sony PlayStation 3
There is nobody not a secret that the power of the modern home computer used only by 15-20 percent. There are exceptions only in the case when the computer is used purely for games. This project is based at Stanford University called Folding@Home (a pun, free translation which means literally “connected home”). Continue reading

Modern game console marketSelection of game consoles on the market today not so great. There are only three players – Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft is ubiquitous. And between them, with varying degrees of success maintains constant struggle. Moreover, the market is divided approximately in equal proportions, so call now undisputed leader very difficult. Each of these producers is their decisions that are incompatible with competitors ‘ solutions, so choosing what to purchase, you need to carefully weigh all the “pros” and “cons”. And this choice cannot be called simple devices (portable and desktop) each of the companies in their interest.

The Xbox 360 from Microsoft has left a little earlier than their competitors and quickly managed to gain a large percentage of market – wide advertising, high performance at affordable price, large selection of games and good customer support played a role. In this case, Microsoft releases various updates for your operating system Xbox 360. However, sometimes after installing them, the problem starts with the console, get rid of them is not always easy. As for portable gaming consoles, Microsoft just doesn’t handle them. Continue reading

ASUS EeePC DesktopThere are, of course, the consoles and a minus – expensive games. But it is not all that scary. Games you can easily change. This is not the way to change games on the computer when the game of two years ago turns out no one needs because of outdated graphics. On consoles the graphics will remain at the same level, because the filling she will not change and, therefore, all games will be approximately equal by this measure, and then it depends on the fact that you played the game or have not played. At least mainly, the problems people have with this issue.

You can certainly try to make the console understand the pirated discs, which, of course, much cheaper license, but I would not advise, because in this case you not only lose the warranty, but also lose access to fresh updates and Internet services, which is very, very popular. Think whether you need all this? Continue reading

Movies on games, games on filmAll fans of games waiting for release of the film on his favorite game. As it is the custom. The game is good, then it is necessary “to cut cabbage”. But does what will the expectation of those who closely followed it?

All fans of games waiting for release of the film on his favorite game. As it is the custom. The game is good, then it is necessary “to cut cabbage”. But does what will the expectation of those who closely followed it?

I’d like to start this article with, that good in the movies and games, but unfortunately, I can’t. Simply put, all the movies on games (I’ve seen) barely make it to triples to five-point system. Moreover, it is not my personal opinion. Some movies are solid middle class, but for most, to my great regret, this assessment is simply unattainable. Continue reading